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Page 'Addresses'

  • In the left part of the window you can see pages for mail lists and exclusion lists. All your actions using controls from the right side of the ‘Addresses’ page are executed for the active left hand page (either ‘Addresses to send’ or ‘Excluded addresses’). You can sort you list by name or e-mail pressing correspondent button on the top of the list. To edit an address or email select a cell and press F2 or make a triple mouse click
  • 'Open'- allows importing of pre-prepared addresses. The file with addresses should be in TXT or CSV format. For example such files can be created in Windows Notepad. Addresses must be formatted as one address per line. You can select several files at once to open. In this case you’ll be able to merge several files to one mailing list
  • 'Save' allows saving of your mailing list. By default in the folder ‘lists’ in CSV format.
  • 'Clear' - clears your mailing list.
  • Under the titles 'Input e-mail' and ‘Input name’ is the field for addresses. Input a name and an e-mail and press the button 'Insert address'. To remove an address, locate it in the left field and press the 'Remove address' button.
  • ‘ Remove duplicates’ – removes duplicate e-mails from the list
  • ‘ Remove Excluded Addresses ’ – removes all email from ‘Addresses to send’ which appears in the ‘Excluded addresses’
  • ‘ Move to Excluded Addresses ’ – moves emails from ‘Addresses to send’ to ‘Excluded addresses’
  • 'After sending move to excluded list' – moves emails which were sent successfully to the excluded list.
  • How send

a) ‘Direct Delivery’ (Recommended) – sends emails through built-in SMTP server.
b) ‘Personal Copy’ – recommended if you want to send emails through your ISP
c) ‘Blind Carbon Copy’– all copies are sent in one letter. If you do not see the message ‘ Sent successfully’ then none of your recipients will have received the message. Use this mode only if you have very slow connection or send email with big attachments. By default if you use BCC mode all email are sent as one batch. But you can specify in ‘ Advanced Options’ how many emails you want to have in one batch

  • 'To'- text, which recipient will see in the field 'To' if you use BCC mode
  • 'Columns' - choose how many additional columns you want. You can export data from CSV file or from a database