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Page 'Message'

  • In the field 'Subject' - subject of the letter (optional field)
  • Under the field 'Subject' the body of the letter, i.e. your message. There are 2 pages – for plain text and for HTML. You must choose type of message on the left. If you want to send plain text and HTML in one email you must choose ‘Mixed’
  • 'Attachments' - in it the attached files are displayed. 'Add - to attach file you enter in the box under the attachment box.You can add several files at once. Or you can just drag'n drop them by your mouse. 'Remove' - to remove file.
  • 'Open' - allows inserting of pre-prepared text or HTML into the body of the letter.
  • 'Save' allows saving of your message. By default to the folder ‘Messages’.
  • 'Clear' - clears message.
  • ‘Message type’ – plain text, HTML or mixed (use it if you want to send plain text and HTML in one email)
  • ‘Insert Tag’ – inserts tag for mail merge. You can insert four tags here – full name, first name, last name and e-mail. These tags can be inserted in to mail body, subject line or attachment