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Page 'Options'

The information, which you enter on this page, is saved automatically. On program startup this data is automatically retrieved.

  • Server information

    'SMTP Server' - name of your mail server that can send your letters. Can be represented in normal text format or as an IP-address (mandatory field for ‘Blind Carbon Copy’ and ‘Personal Copy’)

    'Secure connection required(SSL) - check if you use secure SMTP server

'Port' - port for SMTP server(default value 25)

'Reset'- resets SMTP 'Port' to the default value 25

'DNS Server'– Mandatory for using ‘Direct Delivery’ mode and sending letters through built-in SMTP server. Your ISP’s DNS server can be used (recommended for better performance) or any other DNS server (for example, Can be represented in normal text format or as an IP-address.

'Authentication'–allows you to choose the type of authentication.
  • 'Pop3 Server'– name of your mail server for email retrieving.

    'Pop3 Port' – port for Pop3 server (default value is 110)

    'User'– username for your mailbox

    'Password'– password for your mailbox

  • User information

'Name' - recipients will see this name in field 'From'

'From e-mail' - recipients will see this e-mail in field 'From'

'Reply-to email'- it is the address where the replies to your letter will be sent on pressing the button 'Reply to author'

'Charset'– charset for you e-mails. You can use standard charsets or define your own.

  • 'Language' - choose language.
  • 'Statistics'– shows number of letters sent during usage of Mail Them Pro
  • 'Log'– provides information about. You can save your log by pressing 'Save log' on the log window. You can save you logs in text, comma separated, html, word, and excel formats. (To save in word or excel format you’ll need to have Word and Excel installed on your computer)
  • 'Import AB'–imports Windows Address Book
  • 'Database'– imports emails from Excel, Access and MS SQL Server
  • 'Advanced options'– use it to change built-in mail server’s settings and settings for 'Personal Copy'and 'BCC'modes. Don’t change them if the program works fine. Also you can turn on log file for automatic saving during the sending process