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What Is Mail Them Pro

  • Direct delivery with built-in high performance SMTP mail server. You letters are sent directly, so you don't need to use your provider's SMTP Server. You can watch the process of sending and learn from the detailed logs. Using this method of delivery dramatically reduces number of NDRs(Non-Delivery Reports) and saves your bandwidth.
  • Mail Them Pro supports handling for subscribe and unsubscribe requests and bounced messages. You can easily adopt it to fully verified opt-in list management.
  • If you want to send your list through your provider's SMTP Server, you can choose between Personal Copies(PC) or Blind Carbon Copies(BCC).
  • Personalize and merge individual information into any message allows you to create really personal e-mails. You can merge recipient's full name, first name last name and e-mail to body , subject and even attachment.
  • It can send HTML pages with embedded graphics and mixed emails that contain both plain text and HTML, if you're not sure that all your recipients can read HTML.
  • Support for importing emails from Windows Address Book, Excel, Access,MySQL and MS SQL Server
  • You can start several copies of the program and schedule your mailing for different time
  • You can make your own mailing list in just three mouse clicks and send your message to an unlimited number of addresses.
  • Save log file dynamically during the sending process. Export log files to Word, Excel, HTML or text formats
  • Multilanguage support (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean)