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How to use the subscription system

The first thing you need to do is to decide what functions you want to use and define rules. You can accomplish these tasks on the 'Inbound messages' page

Mail Them Pro can handle 3 types of messages -subscribe requests, unsubscribe requests and bounced messages. It recognizes these messages by subject line. The program comes with predefined subject lines which are usually used for these types of messages. You can see it on the picture above on the left side. For example, Mail Them Pro will decide that incoming email is a subscribe request if a message has in a subject line the word 'subscribe'. If you want you can add additional words for subject lines for all types of requests.

The next part is to decide what you want to do with these requests. You may want to add them to addresses to send or delete them or add to excluded addresses. You can define 2 or 3 actions for each request. You can see these action on the right side of the picture above. In most cases you will want to delete all these requests from a mail server but pay attention that by default the program doesn't delete them

After you defined all rules you need to setup an email account you want to use to handle these requests. This email account must be a POP3 account. Usually it's provided by your ISP or hosting company. You can defined it on the 'Options' page

On the picture above you can see where in the program you should setup your POP3 email account. In your case it'll be your own email which you got from your ISP or hosting company.

You can put a form on your web site where you can ask people to subscribe to your newsletter. You need to write a script where an email will be sent from your recipient's email address to your email which you setup with the subject line 'subscribe'

Now we are ready to send our newsletter. Make sure that you entered your email address to 'Personal information' section like on the picture above. Then prepare your email and write somewhere at the end.

If you do not want to get any news from us then reply to this email with the subject line 'remove'

And then send your newsletter. Now you can wait for some time and then press "Check email' button. You will see a new window where you can see what's happening in your mailbox


After it will finish processing you can go to the 'Addresses' page and see the results


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